Futur Composé

L.A. Pai Gallery, 13 Murray Street, Byward Market
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Winner of the 13th Annual National Jewellery Student competition, Anne-Sophie Vallée returns to L.A. Pai with her solo show Futur Composé. The show includes both jewellery and sculptural objects and will run from June 29th-July 19th. Vernissage June 29th 5-7pm.


From the artist:


Futur composé intends to draw connections between the fields of language, architecture and craft theory to address the body-in-space experience in which the matter and the self intersect. In this work, the body in motion is the premise for material and objects activation.I explore the concept of ‘material vitalism’ in terms of driving force to expose the heterogenous and homogenous character of the composite whole,bringing together surface and depth.Since jewellery suggests direct interaction with the human body, it allows for investigation of scale, mass, gravity and movement all of which are inseparable from time. Futur composé asks the audience to question their temporal relationship with the objects in which they are in spacio-historical contact. Further, I want to propose that form and matter can be more effective than language at expressing abstract ideas, since form itself is idea. Futur compose argues against the position that the unexplained is nonsensical.