CANADIANA - Selections from the Art Bank Collection

SPAO Centre Gallery, 77 Pamilla Street, Ottawa, K1S 3K7
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CANADIANA - Selections from the Art Bank Collection, featuring Ed Burtynsky, David Craig, Denis Farley, Chris Gergley, Lorraine Gilbert, Angela Grauerholz, Mary Longman, Shelley Niro, and Greg Staats, is the SPAO Centre Gallery’s inaugural Canadiana Exhibition, an annual showcase of artists from across the country that coincides with the Canadian Tulip Festival.

In recognition of the fact that the Canadian Tulip Festival was created by the photographer Malak Karsh, the SPAO Centre is partnering with the festival for the exhibition. An official Launch Soirée for the festival will be held in tandem with Gallery launch at the SPAO Centre (77 Pamilla St.) on May 11 from 5 pm to 9 pm. The event is free and open to the public. The exhibition continues until July 1, Canada Day.

Thanks to a partnership with the Canada Council Art Bank, the exhibition is comprised of stellar works from their rich collection. Curator Johanna Mizgala says, “We are extremely grateful to the Canada Council Art Bank for this opportunity to explore their collection.” For the exhibition, Mizgala selected artists whose works, according to her curatorial statement, “trouble the idea of Canadiana by upending old mythologies and by telling new stories in their place.”

In conjunction with the exhibition, the SPAO Centre has commissioned Deborah Margo to create an Artist’s Garden on site, which will debut on May 11 and continue as a part of Ottawa’s Garden Promenade. Inspired by the gardens in Little Italy, Margo’s installation will change configurations and heights as it is adapted to the growth of her selected palette of plants from May through October. 

Johanna Mizgala, curator of the House of Commons Heritage Collection, is an educator and art critic who has lectured and published extensively on contemporary and photo-based art.

Deborah Margo is a faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa where she teaches painting and sculpture.  During the spring and summer months she works as a gardener.

The SPAO Centre is home to the Ottawa region's only independent and critical gallery space dedicated to photographic and video art. Gallery programming includes the exhibition of photographic and video art work by emerging and established artists, working locally, nationally and internationally.

Image: Angela Grauerholz, The Falls, 1989.

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