DOGME Filmmaking Production Challenge

113 - 115 Clarence Street
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IFCO’s 16mm DOGME Filmmaking Production Challenge is back again for its 2019 edition. Ten brave local aspiring and mid-career filmmakers were given 24hrs to shoot a short 16mm film, and they ONLY get to see their films for the 1st time, along with you (the audience) at IFCO’s annual Dogme film screening, at one of Ottawa’s most chill hangouts – HQ!

HeadQuarters has great cocktails, yummy bits n’ bites, and an all-around relaxed and inviting atmosphere! So bring a friend or two, or three, and join us for an evening of fun, easy entertainment. Come possibly discover your new HeadQuarters!

IFCO would like to thank Niagara Custom Lab and HeadQuarters for their support!