Artist In Residence Program

Town Of Coaticook

The Town of Coaticook owes the origin of its name : “ Koatikeki “ which means “river of the land of pines” to a tribe of Abenakis Indians. Framed in a natural mountainous and wooded setting crossed by a delightful river of the same name, the Town is contemporarily known as the “Pearl of the Eastern Townships”. Coaticook is also a vibrant urban center of 9 030 inhabitants who welcomes visitors with pride and enthusiasm.

With the passing of time, the Town of Coaticook has become the commercial, industrial and recreational center of the prosperous agricultural area surrounding it, known as the milk basin of Quebec.

Since the adoption of its cultural policy in 1994, the Town of Coaticook has ensured its cultural development by the establishment of innovative programs that correspond to the needs of its population and which serve as models for numerous other municipalities of similar size. The Beaulne Museum housed in the superb “Château Norton”, the Françoise Maurice Municipal Library which also includes the Historical Society of Coaticook in the “Old Post Office building” and the Pavilion of Arts and Culture in the “Sisco Memorial building” all bear testimony to the importance placed on cultural development and the protection of our heritage since three sites have been declared historic monuments.

On march 12, 1997, the Town of Coaticook officially launched a new project sponsored by its Municipal Cultural Commission :

The Artist In Residence Program

The program provides a completely furnished studio free of charge to a professional artist who pursues his or her work while allowing the population to benefit from his or her artistic expertise through visits to the studio and animation.

The present document outlines all pertinent information about the program, eligibility requirements and includes the application form for artists interested in participating in the program.

“Artist In Residence” Program

Who Can Apply?

  1. The Artist in residence program is offered exclusively to creators who are active professional artists.
  2. Artists worldwide are eligible.
  3. Priority will be granted to artists from outside the Eastern Townships.
  4. The artist must not have occupied the artist-in-residence studio in the last three years.

How To Apply?

  1. Artists may apply using the present form and answer all questions with care in order to provide all pertinent information concerning their career and experiences.
  2. Artists should submit, in addition to the completed form, his or her artistic background.
    • visual arts : 10 to 20 photographs or numeric photographs of recent works.  The art work must be identified (name, title, year, medium, dimensions).
    • stage art : portfolio
    • litterature : bibliography
  3. Artists should include with the present form their updated curriculum vitae outlining their activities.
  4. Normally, the stay will be from three (3) to six (6) months.                     

Criteria of Selection

The files will be examined by a committee formed by people involved in the cultural life of Coaticook. The main qualities looked for are:

  1. A great interest in communicating with others.
  2. The  capacity of speaking French and/or English
  3. The capacity and the desire to work at times in the presence of the public (schools and adults)
  4. The capacity to integrate into the local cultural life.
  5. The willingness of the artist to let local artists benefit from his or her expertise.



Deadline for sending your application: Friday, September 20st, 2019

The city of Coaticook will send the response to the candiadts at the beginning of November 2019.


For Information

Information may be obtained by writing to:

150, Child street
Coaticook (Quebec)   J1A 2B3

(819) 849-2721 ext. 256