Caroline Yergeau

Caroline Yergeau and the RBC Emerging Artist Award

Jenna Richards

Q. What has it meant for you to receive the Emerging Artist Award?

It a great honour that still gets me excited. Receiving the RBC Emerging Artist Award was certainly an acknowledgement of the pertinence of my artist practice in the region. I feel like my Ottawan community is whispering in my ear: keep going …

Q. What do you think about the term “emerging"? Do you think that you’re moving into a new stage of recognition in your field?

I don’t quite know how to position myself in term of emergence. I have the impression that we know approximately when emergence “starts” but not when it ends. If emergence is measured in years, I believe that I am accumulating sufficient years to no longer be part of it. However, if it’s a question of achieving a point in one’s career where there are certainties in in one’s art practice, I can’t say that I am there yet. And I will not likely be there too soon.

Q. How will the award support your work with the theatre community?

With this award from the Ottawa Arts Council, I would firstly take training in diverse onstage voice techniques, an aspect of my practice that I have been broadening over the last few years. Then, I would throw myself into the creation of a documentary theatre piece on prostitution that would use a combination of interview excerpts and scenic scripting using words and movement.

Q. What was it like to found your own organization? Do you like being an Artistic Director?

I am very proud of founding Théâtre Belvédère and having brought the company to where we are today, thanks to the support of the many people who I fortuitously found along our journey. Being Artistic Director is both a source of opportunity and of challenges. I have great freedom in my choice of project. I can create performances that I find relevant and stimulating. I must also meet several administrative criteria, which can place heavy demands on my time (likely in part due to my limited knowledge in that area) that take away from my artistic work. I believe however, on the whole, creating a company was the best way to develop my artistic practice.

- Caroline is the co-author and performer in Fucking Carl, presented July 14 to 30 by Théâtre du Trillium at la Nouvelle Scène.