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#CouncilSpotlight – Jamie Kronick

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Jamie Kronick – Inspiration Across All Mediums

The Ottawa Arts Council supports artists and arts organizations through leadership, guidance and the provision of opportunities to advance our local creative potential.

Our series #CouncilSpotlight presents stories and experiences of Arts Council members and art award recipients.

Jamie received the Project X Photography Fund in 2016.

Photo Credit: Ming Wu

Where are you from? Are you from the Ottawa area?

I am from Ottawa.

How did you get involved in the Ottawa arts community?

Being a full time student at SPAO was my initial foot in the door. Then I went to more and more shows around town, met people in the community, befriended people in the community, and so on.

How would you describe your artistic practice/discipline?

I like to say I have two full-time disciplines: photographic artist and drummer.

What impact has your involvement with the arts/the Ottawa arts community had on your life?

A massive one! So many of my closest friends and peers are from the Ottawa arts community. It's lead me to understand mediums of practice I previously had no interest or knowledge of - it's expanded my horizons.

Is there a specific moment/situation in your art career that you remember fondly?

Oh gosh, so many! In 2014, I was to have my first solo show at the OAG Annex. At that time, one of the commercial photography gigs I had was with the NDP, travelling with Tom Mulcair and documenting him as he met with Canadians. I travelled all across the country with him and wound up in Iqaluit four days before my vernissage. If everything went according to plan, my plane was to land in Ottawa at 4:30pm, the day of my vernissage. Fingers, toes, and hairs were crossed that there were no delays.

As it was, I landed at 4:30, grabbed my baggage, rushed into a cab, rushed to City Hall (bags still in hand) and made it there 10 minutes before the start of my very first solo show vernissage.

It really was one of those 'what the heck just happened' moments when I plopped my head onto my pillow that night.

Do you have any advice for artists in the Ottawa community or artists in general?

Go and see the works of others. Across any/all mediums. You never know what may inspire something in your own practice.

What are you currently working on?

A first for me - a political series of photographs. I'm photographing 'offal' cuts of meat. More to come in the coming months.

What was it like to receive an award from the Ottawa Arts Council? How did it impact your career?

This was a huge boost to me. It felt like I had been heard by the arts community, and that the work I was creating was valuable. As an artist, you can feel isolated and unfulfilled extremely easily, and this felt like I had been heard.

Want to learn more about Jamie? Visit www.jamiekronick.com, follow him on Twitter @jamiekronick, Facebook www.facebook.com/jamiekronick and Instagram @jamiekronick.


The Project X Photography Fund is accepting applications until April 6, 2018.

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