#CouncilSpotlight 2018 – A Great Success

Friday, May 4, 2018

The Council would like to thank all the wonderful and fascinating artists and former Council award winners who took part in the #CouncilSpotlight series.

The series was a roaring success, shining a light on the artists, their successes, their individual journies and philosophies, as well as giving us insight into their current projects.

The series also resulted in greater awareness of the history and purpose of the Arts Awards, as well as a great number of applicants for this year's awards.

Council Spotlight participants

You can read all the #CouncilSpotlights here

Thank you to: Manon Labrosse, Howie Tsui, Eric Walker, Lisa L’Heureux, nichola feldman-kiss, Cynthia O’Brien, Elaina Martin, Michèle Provost, Penny McCannJamie Kronick, Von Allan, Gillian King, Jennifer Lee, Peter Coffman, Jinny Yu and Christine Mockett.     

Photo Credits: Manon Labrosse, Howie Tsui (Rémi Thériault), Eric Walker, Lisa L’Heureux (Pink Monkey Studios), nichola feldman-kiss, Cynthia O’Brien, Elaina Martin (Cara Tierney), Michèle Provost, Penny McCann (Eric Walker), Jamie Kronick, Von Allan, Gillian King (Julia Martin), Jennifer Lee, Peter Coffman, Jinny Yu and Christine Mockett (Joan Anderson).