Strategic Planning at the Ottawa Arts Council

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Strategic Planning at the Ottawa Arts Council:

Striving Towards the Future

Here at the Council, we are always looking towards the future.

To this end, the Council has set a goal to undertake an engaging, unifying and energizing strategic planning process. 

The purpose of this participatory and highly engaging planning is to increase our impact and innnovation in our support of artists and arts organizations through leadership, guidance and the provision of opportunities to advance Ottawa's local creative potential. We aim to uncover divergent perspectives and approaches with the aim of mindfully examining the Council's unique opportunities, strengths, assets and capacity in light of its complex content.

Ottawa Arts Council Strategic Planning

Our approach will focus on:

  • Engaging many stakeholder voices and opinions in a process to examine how the Council can further build and promote a vibrant arts community
  • Identifying synergies with artists, arts organizations, arts funders, corporations, and unusual suspects in an effort to raise awareness, deepen current work and provide new areas of support for Ottawa's arts community 
  • Developing a path forward for incremental, sustainable and strategic growth that leverages the Council's impact in the community while maximizing strategic alliances and deepening citizenship engagement in the arts. 

The first phase is underway and began in November 2017.
The second phase will take place from March to June 2018.

The process is designed to result in the creation of an achievable and inspired 3-years strategic plan that will be presented to the Council membership at our Annual General Meeting in June 2018.

We are engaging stakeholder voices using a variety of modes, in both official languages, including:

  • staff and stakeholder consultations
  • staff, stakeholder and board round tables
  • stakeholder interviews
  • membership survey
  • subscribers survey
  • visioning sessions