Understanding the Financial Impact of Covid-19—Looking Forward

Friday, April 3, 2020

When we reached out to you – our arts & culture community – last week, we learned that for most of you, the main challenge you’re facing as a result of COVID-19 is how to make ends meet in your household or business, today and in the future. 

While none of us know how long these public health measures will be in place, alongside our arts & culture service organization partners, we want to be able to communicate to governments how short- to long-term COVID-19 related closures and cancellations will impact your ability to stay afloat, at home and in your business or organization.

We know our sector is asking a lot from you right now when it comes to surveys, but the more answers we’re able to get for the three (3) key financial questions below, the more accurate our forecasts will be and the more we’ll know about how much and what kinds of financial support are most needed. The data collected will be confidential, and will only be reported in an anonymous and aggregated form.

If you don’t have an exact answer, please provide your best estimate.

Please fill out the survey