Danny Hussey - Conceptual Pop Narratives 'N' Stuff

Paintings and Prints 2000 – 2008
May 14 – July 31, 2008
Opening reception: Wednesday, May 14, 5 to 8 p.m.

Those venturing to the Council for the Arts over the summer will notice things have changed. The wall space has been rejuvenated and the decor revamped. The halls have been hung with brightly coloured paintings and the foyer stacked with black and white wood block prints. The Michaela Fitch Board Room bursts with flowers, drills and bumblebees. Is it a new Spring fundraiser? No, it is the Art at the CAO pilot program that promotes local artists, showcasing their vibrant, inventive and unique talents.

Art at the CAO consists of a quarterly series of exhibits that came from community feedback about the lack of exhibition space for local artists to show their work. The exhibits will feature a focused selection of work by a single artist, or group of artists that will last for two months. The selection is by invitation only.

The program aims to present a fun and informative way of demonstrating the calibre and artistic qualities in Ottawa. The first exhibiting artist is Danny Hussey, a highly regarded painter and print maker who has exhibited across Canada. Hussey was chosen because he represents the creative and thoughtful talent that the program intends to highlight.

The selected artwork includes woodblock prints and plywood paintings from two different series, “Icon” and “The Order of Things”. The images that Hussey prints, paints, engraves or carves in his artwork, from brushes to insects to dolls, come from toy chest rummages and everyday tool and kitchen counter occupants. Hussey’s work fills the area with small playful narratives and creates soft dialogues. They tell snippets of tales with no set beginnings or finite ends. The woodblock prints seamlessly knit together and invigorate the larger works, deliberately underlining central themes and images that consistently appear throughout the show.

His work sums up the inherent values of Art at the CAO. He provides a creative and energetic start to the pilot and is not to be missed.

Rupert Allen, Curator

Image - Again by Danny Hussey