Luck 2014 Artworks

 2014 Luck artworks

Here is taste of the great art donated by this year's Luck artists.





Gatineau Sunset,1997
Acrylic on Canvas
Bower - fragment
Digital print mounted on archival foam core
Lucky Candle, 2014
Lost Language #8, 2011
Pigment Print
sketch for a ghost, 2014
acrylic paint on stretched canvas
One More Snooze, 2013
Watercolour/Sculpture on Paper
The Grey Parker, 2013
Oil on Canvas
Children and Dogs, 2012
Acrylic Paint on Wood Panel
Mat's a Poser
Pencil, acrylic, oil on mylar
Rendez-vous de baigneurs célèbre au "Splash", 2007
Gladstone Canoe, 2014
Mixed Media on Canvas
Over-Thunk, 2013
Large Format, Digital Inkjet Print
Windswept Tundra
Maples 121d 2007, 2014
ATM Inside, 2014
Silk Screen Print
Hat, 2013
Platinum/Palladium print
Les billots flottants, 2014
Acrylic on wood panel
Waiting for Winter, 2014
Marie Agnes (The Yellow House Series, Galiano), 2014
Mixed Media on Paper
Resistance 1, 2011
Mixed Media on Canvas
Fibre Art Scarf, 2014
Felted scarf with wool, silk and rabbit fur
Trophy Head - Moose, 2014
Giclée print of digital collage
untitled, 2014
See-through, 2013
Oil on Canson Paper
Lead Pencil on Paper
Proost, 2013
Oil on Canvas
Heron Rd., 2014
Pen and Ink on Paper
Red, 2014
Resolute Bay
Digital photograph
Mixed Media
Flower Festival, 2010
Acrylic/collage on canvas
Delve, 2011
All Hail, 2013
Oil on Canvas
Vital Stream, 2014
Glass, metal and print
Rideau Falls and the Ottawa City Hall – pre 1990
Mixed media, photo—screen print mounted on canvas Hand painted with oil paint and medium
Untitled, 2014
photography (inkjet on archival paper)
Free Beaver Sticks, 2014
free beaver sticks
Presidente, 2012
MDF cut on paper mounted on wood board
Tropicana Sunset, 2014
Tangled Forest, 2014
Acrylic on Canvas
Wood Spirit
Carved Wood
Northern Ontario, 2013
Wire Sculpture
I don't have to prove I'm right, 2007
Oil on Canvas
Pop Dot Pow : Pieces: DCS_5546 black (1 of 3) & DCS_5532 black (1 of 3), 2014
Digital Print on Metallic Paper, Dry-mounted on Board
Rainbow Tea Pot, 2014
Mixed Media on Paper