The Cultural Sustainability Project

The Cultural Sustainability Project

Examining Capacity and Sustainability for Ottawa’s Arts and Culture Sector

Town Hall - October 20th, 5pm - Ottawa Art Gallery, Arts Court

The purpose of the Cultural Sustainability Project (CSP) is to explore the potential of the Ottawa cultural community to create a shared services platform. Through a series of town halls, community consultations, and mentorship, the Council will assess if local arts organizations are committed to investing time and resources, and discuss execution based on successful models in other communities. Areas of discussion could include administrative support, equipment and space sharing platforms, networks of consultants from different fields (for example, financial, fundraising, marketing), and professional development.  

In order to examine this issue within our local community, we intend to engage organizations and artists in conversations. We need you! If you are interested in discussing a shared services platform and what you feel the needs of the community are at present and what they will be in the future, please contact Sharon Diamond (

The need for CSP was uncovered through the Creative Capital Exchange (CCE), a program of the Ottawa Arts Council that ran from 2014-2016. CSP will build on the success of the CCE, researching challenges and strengths within our community from September 2016 - September 2017. 

The report is available online.