On View: Young Artist Award Edition

On View: Young Artist Award Edition

Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON
Ticket price: Free Admission

Jennifer Lee’s 'Odes to My Plague: Vulnerability, Disorder, Recovery' 

Winner of the 2017 Young Artist Award

The Young Artist Award is a project-based, mentorship-driven youth arts award established for the recognition and encouragement of young Ottawa-based artists, ages 14 – 17 years old, demonstrating exceptional potential and a commitment to excellence in any art form.

2017 recipient Jennifer Lee’s project entitled 'Odes to My Plague: Vulnerability, Disorder, Recovery' aims to raise awareness of the struggles of those who suffer from eating disorders.

Jennifer Lee

From Jennifer's Artist Statement regarding her Exhibition:

"My work currently focuses on mental illnesses, particularly eating disorders. Exploring my current disorderly mental health, the goals of my works are to document a time plagued with anxiety and eating struggles in order to raise awareness and prevent the stigmatization of this subject matter. By scrutinizing my own experiences, I produce works surrounding the theme of transformation, in an attempt to finally put an end to this chapter in my life. In creating these interactive works, I attempt to literally put the audience in my shoes and the shoes of many others suffering in silence."

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