Patrick Cocklin

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Patrick Painting Photography Portrait
Picture Practice Polyphony Personality
Polemic Pliable Perception Parody
Plastic Place Past Present...

P also stands for people and there were plenty in attendance at the opening reception for the latest edition of Art at the CAO. Many guests at the reception were also making appearances on the walls captured by licks of Patrick's paint. Animated conversations, quiet times with friends and loaded social gatherings all vie for attention within Patrick's saturated canvasses.
The event drew the largest crowd to date for an Art at the CAO opening. Many of Patrick's devotees added to the excitement, mirroring much of the familiar interactions going on in the paintings that surrounded them.

The exhibit continues until June 5 at the CAO so there is still plenty of time to visit. Please contact the CAO offices ahead of time at 613-569-1387 to check for viewing hours.

L'exposition se poursuivant jusqu'au 5 juin 2009, vous avez amplement de temps pour venir nous visiter. Pour connaître les heures d'ouverture, communiquez avec le CAO au 613-569-1387.