Saskatchewan, Seen

Photographs by John Conway
May 6 to 31, 2011

The newest incarnation of Art at the CAO will feature two bodies of work by local photographer John Conway in an exhibition titled Saskatchewan, Seen. Saskatchewan: Uncommon Views are medium sized colour prints from his 2005 book. Anhedonia, Sask: The Lost History, is a series of black and white images from a collaborative yet to be published book project with author John Sifton.

"In photographing post-pastoral Saskatchewan over many years, my vision, at first focused on the stark beauty of the prairie, shifted to the quirky ironies of a people's conflicted relationship with the land. Today, when photographing on the prairie, I feel more of the loneliness and longing that is partly out there and partly inside me, feelings that are softened by humour and my affection for the homeland."
- John Conway