Vision and Mandate


We are leaders and catalysts in building an engaged, growing and inclusive Ottawa arts sector.


The Ottawa Arts Council advances, promotes and advocates for the arts in Ottawa.

Belief Statements

We envision a city enriched by the transformative benefits of the arts. To this end, we believe:

  1. The arts are essential and provide an intrinsic and integral value to individuals and society.  
  2. The arts increase self-expression and creativity, strengthen community connections and provide social and economic benefits.
  3. The arts should be accessible to everyone.
  4. An evolving, thriving and inclusive arts sector encourages engagement, innovation and excellence from a wide spectrum of artists.
  5. Our creative community engages active participation by our residents, visitors, supporters, educators and the private sector.
  6. Artists and arts organizations deserve exemplary support and services.



We are open, honest, transparent and respectful in our efforts to deliver value.


We embrace the use of innovation and creative responses to solve problems and find solutions.


We are committed to diversity and inclusion to ensure equitable representation and participation of everyone in the arts.


We work collectively with others to advance our mandate and impact.


We are adaptive in responding to evolving needs and opportunities in the arts.