The Studio, Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave., Ottawa
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LUCK! 2019: A true game of fate

The Ottawa Arts Council’s annual LUCK! art draw is a special event that provides a diverse showcase of local visual artists. Invited artists donate an artwork and guests purchase a ticket to win a creation. This evening is unlike any other in Ottawa, as every ticket is a winner!

The Master of Ceremonies shuffles and pulls winners at random from a deck of cards, each corresponding to a ticket. Those pulled first…get first pick! Best of LUCK!


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This event sells out every year so don’t delay in purchasing your tickets. 


Feeling Lucky?

General Admission: $25.00
Draw Ticket: $150.00

LUCK! Gallery coming soon!


Jovita Akahome, Pansee Atta, Karen Bailey, Amy Barker, Lauren Boucher, Heather Campbell, Joyce Crago, Lisa Creskey, Marc Dubois, Christopher Lea Dunning, Pat Durr, Brianna Fitzgerald, Christine Fitzgerald, Tami Galili, Michael Gray, Christopher Griffin, Anna Griffiths, Greta Grip, Robert Hinckley, Danny Hussey, Lindsay Irene, RJ Jones, Sayward Johnson, Olivia Johnston, Clara Kim, Gillian King, Alexia Kokozaki, Lilly Koltun, Jamie Kronick, Joy Kurdish, Helene Lacelle, Sharon Lafferty, Charlynne Lafontaine, Charlene Lau-Ahier, Natasha Mazurka, Jenny McMaster, Andrew Morrow, Emily Neufeld, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Patti Normand, Eryn O’Neill, Neeko Paluzzi, Christos Pantieras, Barry Pottle, Bozica Radjenovic, Benjamin Rodger, Ruth Secunda, Gabriel Séguin, Pauline Semaan, Peter Shmelzer, Mark Stephenson, Rémi Thériault, Amy Thompson, Wendo Van Essen, Sharon VanStarkenburg, Tavi Weiz, Joyce Westrop, Melanie Yugo, Michael Zavachy

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